Saturday, February 28, 2009

More linkety links

The lovely Meghan Daum, Carolla's #1 media fan.

Some more news from around the Internet, bizarre and not...

- Meghan Daum, a frequent Carolla supporter and Los Angeles Times columnist, writes an ode to KLSX in her Saturday column. Daum was the host of an interview appearance in L.A. with Carolla at one point, and had generally written plenty of positive pieces about his show. In this article, she says all of the shows had some redeeming qualities, but heaps the most positive praise on Carolla. If you want to give her a shout-out, her e-mail is here. On the Times letters page, Susan Harris of Glendale and Allen Katz of Fountain Valley are both upset that KLSX has flipped formats.

- Deadspin is speculating that Bill Simmons might get some shit from Disney and ESPN for, well, saying shit so many times the other night. They also say they might not be so keen on greenlighting Harvey Milk High School; I guess it won't be a Miramax or Pixar production. Oddly, no complaints about the Real Sex segment. I think everyone is in agreement about that.

- Speaking of a Bill Simmons comment, about how it's hard to visit strip clubs because he has a young daughter now... That's not a problem for 36-year-old Steve Russo of Bethlehem Township, Pa. Russo was charged with endangering the welfare of children, corruption of minors and other offenses after photos of a 16-year-old cheerleader dancing on a pole and kissing him on the cheek at a party surfaced on Facebook. (Warning: No pictures in that link, you perverts.)

According to police, the party was hosted at Russo's home in early December after a varsity boys basketball game, and alcohol was heavily involved. Russo has a 17-year-old child, but the report does not specify if his child was involved at all. One commenter brings up a good point: How much pole dancing must be going on if you have one installed in your basement? Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.

- In other stripper news, 24-year-old stripper Amanda Michelle Dittman was arrested and charged with strong arm robbery and unlawful sexual activity with a minor after shaking down a 16-year-old who she had been having sex with the past week. According to police reports, she patted down the boy to make sure he wasn't wearing a wire, which was surely an ordeal for the boy. Somewhat comically, Dittman's dancing name is Ms. Giglez. I'll give you two guesses as to where this took place, and hint number one is that it's not Germany. Her picture is to the left, and she looks like she has jaundice of the mouth.

- Adam often jokes about "Germany or Florida?", but he might as well change the name to "Florida or Florida?". The state has enough bizarre crime by itself. Some other Florida stories: Three stabbed in fight over beer, Human body is art at nude night in Ybor, a guy Accusing Stephen King (the author) of killing John Lennon, and huge mice infestation in a Florida court that is causing them to fall from the ceiling tiles.

- And finally, Joel McHale will stay on as host of Talk Soup while working on his NBC comedy pilot, Community, according to this post. Woohoo!

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