Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back from a four-day vacation!

Not this Trio.

Listen, I don't know if you guys have heard, but Teresa Strasser is pregnant. As a result, she's down from 15 Klonnies a day to just a few cigarettes. (The preceding sentence is accurate.)

And listen, if you thought Teresa was a peach on The Adam Carolla Show, just realize she brought a friend with her to podcast. Not Bald Bryan, although he was there. T brought her hemorrhoid!

But listen, Adam is a professional, and he rolls with the punches. He used to be a boxer, you see, and he has used this experience to his advantage in the past. Once upon a time, he had a carbuncle on his ass, which his buddy Ray convinced him was a hemorrhoid. He spread so much Preperation H on it, it could have helped Dr. Drew's daughter.

Hey listen, Adam says it best - You can't unscrew your anus and put it on the work bench and hammer the problems out of it. It was a very serious and frank discussion, and it lasted about the first 20 minutes.

Okay, listen. The rest of the podcast is about the past program once known as The Adam Carolla Show, Teresa being able to smoke a few cigs even though she's preggers, the staff party taking place at Adam's house, how horrible Jack Silver's "best of" reel was, and the freedom that podcasting provides.

LISTEN! Tomorrow's guests - Dave Dameshek and Bill Simmons. AHHH DIAMOND EARRINGS!!!

p.s. Go Sox!

p.p.s. Go Pats! Boston School of Medicine, best school of medicine in the country!

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