Friday, February 27, 2009

Crazy Carolla crew content!

The scourge of Adam Carolla.

Looking around the web for Carolla-related content and rants...

- Adam should try to avoid Scottsdale, Ari. for the time being. They don't like his kind on their streets. Chicken-S and all that.

- The headline of this story is good enough to link to it: Mayor who killed dogs gets standing ovation. Unfortunately, the story itself is a little less scandalous.

- T.O. Whenham (that can't possibly be his real name, right?) handicaps this season's Dancing with the Stars right here. He puts DAG at +1000, but in his "Live Longshots" category, because he is a classically-trained Broadway performer. Unsurprisingly, the Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson is the favorite, at +150. DAG ranks ninth out of the 11 person field.

- This New York Times article is mostly about Jimmy Fallon taking over Conan's show, but he does give a shout-out to Kimmel in the middle. A fairly good read overall, though.

- And on the lighter side of things, to close up, the headline says it all for this story as well: Man makes chainsaw noise with an air hose and his buttcrack. I figured it was appropriate, given all the ass, carbuncle and hemmeroid talk on the podcast this week.

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