Thursday, February 26, 2009

Holy hell! Ace and Dameshek! (And no Simmons!)

My oh my, look at this handsome devil. Wait - Ladies, don't look too closely. He's taken.

The podcast with Dave Dameshek starts off swimmingly, as he and Adam immediately plunge into his issues with Teresa Strasser. Dave said he's amazed T is pregnant, because he didn't think that could happen after menopause. Dave offers magnanimously to have a "clearing of the air" broadcast someday with T. His magnificent pipes are still in working order, despite a minor cold.

Adam and Dave talk about how they originally ran into problems with Jack Silver about ratings, and the whole history behind his firing. Dave was replaced by Bonaduce, who Adam points out has a "near encyclopedic knowledge of sports." Practically the same guy!

Dave brings up that the station was marketing itself as "the man station" yet had no sports guy. Adam says this reminds him of one of the few poignant things Drew said, namely, about Pam Anderson being a female-female impersonator. He likens that type of woman to the super macho male-male impersonator, such as Bonaduce. Dave mentions that he found certain parts of Eastern Promises very inappropriate because of this.

And holy hell, Tom Cruise came over to Kimmel's for football??? Really? Wow. Of course, Ace says it was at 3:47 in the afternoon, so he's obviously a big fan. Both agree that all of the A-list male celebrities - Cruise, Johnny Depp, George Clooney - are unfortunately beautiful bastards. To make it worse, guys like Depp grow their hair long and smear feces all over their face, and women still want them. Meanwhile, Ace points out that if a woman did that, a man would no longer be interested. Both are utterly revolted by HBO's Real Sex program.

Near the end of the podcast, Dave re-tells one of his great stories - Attending a Lamaze class with his beautiful wife Cindy and finding out his ex-girlfriend was in the very same class. Good times, good times. Ace is pissed that the seemingly simple "colored hat" system of child identification has also S'ed the bed. Dave and Adam set the podcast's early length record with more than 55 minutes of the funny.

Other topics for discussion - how certain things are gay, how some female celebrities are much foxier in person, male body hair, horrible Nicholas Cage movies, female trucker attractiveness > female sex expert, and Adam Carolla's Junk v. HBO's Real Sex. Adam doesn't state who's next on the podcast, but future guests will include Bill Simmons, Larry Miller and Norm MacDonald. So, to close this post, the greatest appearance on a talk show ever-ever was by Norm here, here and here.

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Ryan said...

Best podcast yet! Even better than the one with Dr. Drew. I'm hoping the next time Drew sits in, it will be an hour-long episode and 16 minutes of it won't be a cellphone-related rant.

Anonymous said...

Dameshek's appearance on the podcast today was revealing. He's really annoying and I think his little dance about not wanting to address his dispute with Teresa - unless she is there and they both speak - looks like a version of emotional blackmail and bullying to me.

He says he doesn't want a confrontation, but clearly he does. He either needs to stick with his guns and justify telling Teresa to F off or apologize and get it behind him. The discussion about male male impersonators was Adam's slick way of indirectly talking to Dameshek about his "persona".

What we're hearing from Dameshek is like a wrestler persona. He's a male, male impersonator of a benign kind. He's got reason to be hostile because he got sacked. No one likes failure and most everyone would be angry and resentful over it. Dameshek is just too self-centered and narcissistic to blame himself and move on. So, he has not and will not move on.

He didn't work well as Adam's radio partner because they are similar personality types. Teresa is an Adam opposite - and so they compliment each other on-air. Dameshek contradicts and cancels out Adam and diminishes the pair. It's kind of like when Dennis Miller was on Monday Night Football and Al Michaels began trying to tell jokes and be funny. Michaels was undermining Miller unconsciously just like Dameshek tries to undermine Adam by trying to outdo him or be funnier.

Teresa was another stroke of Adam's genius. Yes, she has her haters, but the haters are the dumbos Adam constantly complains about. Teresa is a woman who likes guys. She's the kind who has male friends and is comfortable with it. She's an intellectual and a very expressive writer. She kind of reminds me of Harlan Ellison when he was writing a column for the L.A. papers long ago.

Dameshek has comedic writing talent obviously but he should have become a star behind the scenes instead of trying to step out in front to become mediocre talent.

Teresa was Adam's smartest choice - she meshed with him and was a perfect comedy partner. I can see her becoming a Julie Louis-Dreyfus type or even a player on Saturday Night Live. And even if that doesn't work out, her writing talent will get her through any difficulty.

I think Adam will become a movie star after the sitcom. He makes good choices about material he's involved with as opposed to all the crap today's A-list comedy actors put out.

Good things are in store. Adam learns from mistakes. Putting his friend Dameshek on air with him was a mistake he won't repeat. He needs to use opposite numbers as happened with Dr. Drew.

Adam is a genius. We love listening to his casual conversations. It's a rare talent. He's a natural.

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