Monday, March 9, 2009

Ambien and the wanking response

Greg - comedian or balding meth addict?

Tonight's guest is Greg Fitzsimmons, a frequent contributor to Best Week Ever on VH1 and the host of a show on Stern's satellite station. Adam contrasts Greg's behavior with that of Charlie Murphy. Greg will put out, because he knows Adam and he's friends with Adam. Meanwhile, Charlie Murphy will NEVER dance for Adam, because he doesn't watch any of Adam's shows and doesn't know anybody who does. On the podcasts, Greg and Adam have noticed that some people will open up, because they think they're just BS'ing with friends as opposed to on a program that people will care about what they say.

And jeebus, I was joking about Greg with the photo cutline above, but he's poppin' some various pills like candy! He sounded like David Alan Grier calling out for his black children. Greg said he started drinking at 12 and really got into it heavily until 25. He stopped drinking at that point, but he was shaking and having problems focusing then, so he was prescribed anti-anxiety medicine and Adderrall.

Adam has tried Ambien before, but he compares the experience to a snow globe. He'll go on eating binges and not have any memory of it afterward, a la Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Greg says that sometimes, he'll take an Ambien and that settle in and find something on Skinemax to watch. Then his wife will come into bed a few hours later, with him fast asleep, his pants around his ankles and tissues in his hand. Adam compares his masturbating to a serial killer, in that he has to consciously mellow out, otherwise he'll lose control and go on a spree.

Other topics: Societal standards, Donnie / The Weaz jacking off and not clearing the browser window for Adam to find, why Adam watches TMZ and unruly staffers.

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T said...

The bad news is I have been unemployed since December. The good news is that, as I walk up and down the beach from Santa Monica to Venice with my ipod, I'm finally getting caught up on the AC podcast. I just wanted to say it is great and I like the ways it IS different from the old radio show. While it is still VERY funny it doesn't have the frantic 'morning show' feeling of having to be so 'on' all the time and constantly jumping from topic to topic on the turn of a quip. It now feels more like a talk show. I liked hearing DAG talk seriously about his dad, and I liked hearing the deep background on Jeff Ross and Alonzo Bodden, and I really enjoyed hearing Bob(cat) Goldthwait talk about his movies 'making R-rated comedies for adults' and just being himself without that 'radio pressure.' I've always been a fan of his but learned what a great guy he was several years ago when he needed to use the same (tiny) theater I had booked to do a comedy show. He was showcasing a talkshow. He could have just used his clout to kick me off the schedule, but instead he just did his show first (which was hilarious) and then, wonder of wonders, he and his entire cast stayed to watch my entire show. I was dumbfounded. He's a class act all the way.

Tell AC to keep up the good work. Great Great stuff. TOC

Anonymous said...

Heard he was such a pussy. So sad to see a guy get walked on by a woman. He really needs some help here:


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